Posted by: Rachel | February 18, 2010

life imitates television

Wonderful article about a village in England taking responsibility for their food. What a great idea – makes me wish I lived in a smaller town! Still, there are concepts here that can be applied to a neighborhood, or a subdivision. OK, maybe not pigs, but certainly gardens!

We have a program here in Austin that is trying to incorporate more food gardens into our local landscape. It is called Citizen Gardener, and the gist of it is that one takes a class over several weekends at one of the local community gardens. The classes focus on the basics of square foot gardening, composting, and managing a food-producing garden in a small space. Then, at the end of several classes, the gardeners are tasked with helping others learn to do the same either by example (one’s own yard) or by volunteering at a school or other public site. Lofty ideals and all, yet it seems to be working.

rosemary and birdbath

I don’t have a large garden, but I do have good herb beds. I love being able to grab a handful of fresh herbs, and using the flowers of sage and rosemary on salads. I raise rosemary, thyme, sage (and, yes, sometimes parsley…), oregano, and every spring I succumb to tomatoes. I should know better, but I can’t help myself. I buy a few plants and put them in pots and hope for the best. Last year, despite record high temperatures and an abysmal drought, I did harvest 3 or 4 cherry tomatoes. I was very happy!

I did get lots of figs last year, and beat the cedar waxwings to the mulberries, so all in all it was a good harvest. They garden looks a bit bleak at the moment, but its planting season and I will keep you posted!


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