Posted by: Rachel | September 26, 2011

didja miss me?

Sorry to be off-schedule. I try to post every weekend, I really do, but I’m on vacation (woohoo), free wifi is kind of whimsical here, and I’ve been sort of busy having a ball!

I’m sending this (assuming it goes through!) from my phone (ain’t technology amazing?).

Can you guess where I am?


here’s another hint:


If no one guesses right I’ll tell you next time, ok? No fair if you already know!!

I’ll be back on track far too soon. For now, enjoy whatever fall bounty your local markets offer and I’ll try to get the recipe for the truly amazing “mustard soup” I had so I can share it with you soon! Mmmmm…



  1. Hmm, Belgium? Whereever you are have fun!

  2. Chocolate, frites….must be Belgium. Wherever it is, enjoy it!

  3. I´m thinking Belgium too! You must be a long way from home! Hope you´re having a wonderful time 🙂

  4. Belgium it is… Or *was*, in Holland now. Having a ball and what a food feat!!! Mmmmmm…

  5. Yes of course we missed you! Ready for that recipe…

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