Posted by: Rachel | October 9, 2011

home again home again…

Well, it is certainly good to be home, and I’m working on getting over my jet lag. Not complaining, mind you, I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

I’ve requested that mustard soup recipe, and if I can’t get it I’ll do my best to recreate it for you sometime very soon. I thought, though, that you might enjoy just a few more images from my time “away”.

Those of you who know me well know that I am not an “egg in the morning” sort of girl. I have nothing against eggs, and I’m fine with them in things, but, as a stand alone, eggs do not rock my world. This plate, however, meets my ideal for a fine breakfast.

breakfast of melon, prosciutto and bread with coffee

prosciutto, its what's for breakfast...

The melon is a sort of cavaillon (cantaloupe), sweet and juicy, and the bread was a wonderful chewy dense sourdough with just a hint of rye. So, should you happen to find yourself in Bruges, I recommend “Het Dagelijks Brood” aka “Le Pain Quotidien” aka “Daily Bread” on Philipstockstraat off the tower square for breakfast or lunch. They have wonderful soups, sandwiches (including vegetarian options), pastries… you get the idea.

The only down-side to travel, for me, is usually being without a kitchen. The fish market in Bruges is still worth a look, even if you aren’t going to prepare any of the wares yourself.

fishmarket stand

look for the "vismarkt"

The market is outdoors, fashioned on a Roman market square, and smells clean and of the sea. Some stands do sell prepared items… go for lunch!

I suppose it is almost trite, but if I say Belgium, it seems you must either respond with “block” or “waffles”. I saw plenty of the first and didn’t eat enough of the second. Here’s the best tip I can offer. Stay away from the places that have piles of ready-to-eat waffles in the window. I ate one that I watched being prepared, and it was the best waffle of my life.

I am actually considering buying a waffle iron… although I’m guessing that the flour, water, eggs, etc. are just different enough that it will be tricky if not impossible to recreate. I think it was a higher-gluten flour, for one thing, and the waffle (I had mine with whipped cream) was more like a chewy melty sort of popover or crepe texture than the pancake-bready kind we eat here. Crisp on the outside, slightly dense but not gooey on the inside, it was divine.

bronze of man leaning again a giant fork with a meatball

why not?

In any event, I had a wonderful trip, as you know, and I’ll stop for now. Recipes to come in future posts, I promise!

Just one more picture… this was one of a series of small (about 14-inch tall) sculptures in the courtyard of a small museum in a small town we passed through. It made me laugh so I thought I’d share. All the sculptures seemed whimsical to me and I loved them, but this was my favorite!

Stay safe until next time… and “Eet Smakelijk!



  1. Welcome home! That does look like a wonderful breakfast. I remember visiting the fish market in Bruges – like you without access to a kitchen. It’s very beautiful even if you can’t buy.

  2. that is my kind of breakfast though I love eggs too, Though I have never really been fond of waffles. but cold meats and fruit seems a great ways to start a day.. c

    • Actually the waffle (or should I say The Waffle) was dinner one night! Mmmm…

  3. Glad you had a great trip! Welcome back.

  4. Great photos! And looks and sounds like great food too. So happy to hear you had a great time and look forward to some of those recipes. Welcome home again…

  5. Welcome home – what a wonderful trip. Not somewhere I know well apart fromt he odd day trip from the UK to Brussels. Looking forward to seeing more and the recipes!

  6. Welcome back, Rachel. Very curious about the mustard soup!!

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