Posted by: Rachel | November 5, 2011

sign(s) of the times

I am visiting my New York cousins. Come take a short walk around their neighborhood with me…


I love this bakery – and what an incentive to get on a bike! Lots of new bike lanes on the avenues since I was last here – yay!

This one made me smile:



I have no idea what makes this ice cream “gay”, but pretty much all ice cream makes me happy!


We ate a wonderful lunch in Chinatown at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, had some real bagels from David’s, and I munched my way through the Union Square Green Market (twice!). I do love this town.

The best thing I ate? Hmmm… Maybe the rosemary and garlic jelly from Beth’s, or quite possibly the maple ginger candy from Deep Mountain Maple, or perhaps the shrimp and eggplant at Nom Wah that I’m going to try to recreate (and if I can get close I promise to share – wait for it) once I get home.

Oh and there was the duck “cassoulet” at tree bistro ( they don’t capitalize themselves, so I won’t either). Gee it’s amazing how many wonderful meals one can pack into a few days!

One last thing. In answer to the question in the photo below, let me just plead the fifth.


After all, how much is “enough”, and how do you know, really?

I’ll be home tomorrow evening if the travel gods smile on me. Monday morning I promise to get some baby eggplant and start working on that recipe for you! Mmmmm…



  1. Enough duck/ duck fat? It’s a long time since I experienced that. But I did once spend a week in the Gers in south-western France at the end of which I quite fancied something other than duck for dinner…..not for long, though!

    • And the bread doesn’t taste of duck at all… It is just (just?!?!?) chewy, dense and wonderful. Happily they sell half-loaves, and let me tell you that half a loaf is far better than none! Mmmmm…

  2. Oh my – duck fat ciabatta! Sounds like a fabulous couple of days. It´s been far too long since I spent time in NY….am jealous!

  3. Love that lobster!

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