Posted by: Rachel | March 4, 2012

like chocolate for water

Spring seems to be truly here, and I have moved my potted citrus trees back outside. I may be sorry; the last “freeze date” is actually 10 days away, just about the time we start watching for hummingbirds. But I like living on the edge. And, I’m fairly sure that my babies will be fine even if it does get nippy, as they are all safely tucked up close to the house for the moment.

Once I move them out each spring I give them a good shot of “grow juice”. It makes my neighbors wrinkle their noses, but it makes my trees happy! It’s a combination of seaweed extract and fish emulsion, and my yard does have a certain low-tide-je-ne-sais-quoi for a day or so, but I don’t mind.

bottle of fertilizer

chocolaty good if you're a lemon tree...

My trees had a good winter. Most of them spent it in the garage, but I had a solar tube put in a year of so ago so they got good light. It was cool, but not too cold for them and they are either already blooming or darn close. My big Meyer lemon is way ahead of the game and already has a few tiny lemons!

I think that this year I may get a few oranges as well, and this is exciting. I’ve had this orange tree for a few years and while it is green and happy, it hasn’t blossomed for me. This year, though, I’m seeing buds. Mmmm…

tiny lemons

itsy bitsy teenie weenie...

And, what makes me even happier is that I’m seeing bees! I’ve had scads of them in my rosemary in the front yard, going bee-happy over the blossoms. Today I saw some in my lemon trees as well. Whew… maybe the bees will be alright after all!

So here’s how my “day off” had gone so far: up early to pull the “sponge” for the sourdough that I started yesterday out. Put the requisite cup back in the fridge for next time, and got the bread going. Ran to the grocery for a few things, came home. Got the citrus “fed. Checked the bread to see how the rising was going.

Got the front yard mowed. Pulled a bunch of cleavers. Checked the bread again, punched it down and divided it. Sat down to write this, with a nice cuppa cleavers tea. Mmmm…

lemon buds ready to burst into bloom

bustin' out all over!

The bread will go into the oven in a bit. If I remember to take pictures when it comes out, I’ll post specifics next week. And, I haven’t forgotten about the “tahini leftovers” request either… honest!

Now I’m off to pull the weeds that have managed to circumvent my weed barrier and come up through the deep mulch in the front walk. I almost hate to do it as they are so determined, but I know that if I don’t they will take over and the entire point of having a front walk is to not track the yard into the house (hahahaha…).

Hope everyone has a good week. We’re expecting more rain (woohoo!!!) mid-week or so and that’s just what I need to finish soaking the fertilizer into the tree’s root systems. Mmmm… happy! I’ll try to remember to post pics as the lemons et al grow… wish you were here to share!



  1. Rachel you sound like a tornado whirling around feeding your trees, making bread, grocery shopping, whew, I’m tired just reading your blog…But yes, my Meyers lemon tree is blooming too but haven’t yet seen any baby lemons. I do hope that this year it will hold onto more than one. I should be grateful, and I am, that it supports at least one. When I bought it, it had one green lemon and the next year (last spring) it produced about 5 babies but only one survived. Of course I picked it when it finally turned yellow and was it juicy – yummmm. So I’m feeling like an expectant mother and hoping for more babies to survive this year. Perhaps I too should feed it some of that smelly stuff…

    • I’ll happily give you some for your tree if you like… just lemme know! Bon chance~

  2. Buds and bees…wonderful…there’ll be oranges soon! Isn’t it wonderful to take everything out of its winter covering at this time of the year with spring and summer and all this fruit to look forward to. It sounds as though you had a great day!

    • And oh, do those lemon flowers smell heavenly! Mmmm…

  3. you had the kid of day i LOVE (except for the grocery store) and more rain on the way yoo hoo indeed.. our last frost date is not til april so we are still in coats and hats and gloves but SPRING is Coming!! c

    • Even the grocery store is fun – I’m tired but it was a great day!

  4. I’m excited for spring too. Hope to see that bread.

  5. Sounds like a busy but satisfying day and I bet your plants love that stinky stuff. Still haven´t got round to ever making sourdough, I really must get a starter going!

  6. THAT’s what I forgot to tell you about when you were here: My apple-peel sourdough starter! I’ve made 2 loaves now with it and it tastes WAY different than my starter I use for French bread. Great for oatnut and other “little bit sweet” breads. I’ll have to give you some the next time we get together!

    • Donc, a la prochaine!! Ce que tu m’as donné est super… ca march tres bien!

  7. The sun is arriving here at last, but my olive trees are looking a bit sad with a massive loss of leaves. This happens every now and then, but a hard pruning in a month’s time should bring them back to their normal glory.

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