Posted by: Rachel | April 1, 2012

what’s cooking?

At my house, not much this week. I’ve been reheating and eating out of the freezer and drinking varietal yogurt/protein shakes as every minute I have free is being spent outside in the garden. We’ve had some rain, and my (far tidier than I ) neighbors have been looking askance at my jungle, but I love it.

Now, if you know me you know that I subscribe to the “if it isn’t edible I am not pouring water on it” school of “landscaping”. This spring, though, I think in part as a response to last year’s drought, I am wanting color. I have pots of clearance table calibrachoa in yellows, pink and purple, I have several pots of dark handsome verbena, I have two pots of nasturtiums (which, when they flower, I might just eat… mmmmm!)

small pond, cat, and a very green yard

mulch, I must have more mulch!

So I am filling my green on green on green yard with as much color as I can before everytihng goes brown and crunchy again. And, my two pots of tomatoes are already flowering and I have a couple of tiny fruit! Woohoo!!pots of tomatoes I have 6 different “cherry” varieties this year, one of which is supposed to be white! I’ll keep you posted…

That’s pretty much it. The plan for this week is the herb bed outside the kitchen door which has been taken over by Virginia creeper. I did’t mind it last summer because at least it was green, but I want my herbs back and they’re being choked out! This simply won’t do!

I’ll try to cook something (or at least eat something) blog-worthy next week. My New York cousins are coming for a few days, and that always ends up at least partially food centric! Mmmm…

Oh, and the blue flowers near my pots of tomatoes? Giant spiderwort, an unlovely name for a beautiful wildflower. I have several stands of them, all volunteers, and they are gorgeous!

I gotta go refill the hummingbird feeders and get back at it before it gets too hot outside! Next week, food… or at least herbs!



  1. wow you have tomatoes setting already! your garden is looking great! and i absolutley understand rather being outside than inside! c

  2. I love the flavor of nasturtiums. Last year I made “capers” with the seeds. Talk about a flower that earns its keep! This post is full of the bustle of spring (but your tomato plants seem to have one foot in summer already!)

    • And so pretty…. almost too pretty to eat (almost). I have both solid and variegated leaf varieties this year, love ’em!

  3. Good for you – work invested now will be reaped later in gorgeous food!

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