Posted by: Rachel | September 16, 2012

easy as pi(kelets)

I love enjoying a breakfast I didn’t make. In this case I was responsible for neither the recipe nor the preparation of the main yum. I was only tasked with “bring fruit”. I can do that – yay!

fruit salad

no bowl of cherries, but cheery

My thanks to Cecilia over at “the kitchen’s garden” for this easy and oh so good recipe… and my thanks to my friends for making it for us! I did nothing more than copy the recipe straight out of Cecilia’s blog and email it (just as a suggestion, you understand) to my friend who’d promised us brunch. MMMmmmmmm!!

Simpler than American pancakes, slightly more dense, sweeter and a little chewy, these were great – we went through about 3 batches (and one batch makes about 15 3- to 4-inch pikelets) and they honestly didn’t need butter, syrup, or anything else IMO. Of course, I’ve never had ’em before ( don’t even know if I’m pronouncing it correctly – “pike” like the fish and “lets” like lets have more of these, please!) so I can only trust that they were comme il faut – they certainly were delicious, right or not!

Many a pancake I have made (and eaten!), however, (and, yes, I know I wasn’t actually making these) these seemed easier…

mixing the batter

looks good already!

Here are Cecilia’s recipe and directions verbatim:

Cecilia’s “Mama’s Pikelets”

1 egg and 3/4 cup sugar BEAT together, add 3/4 cup milk and beat again.
In another bowl add 1 cup flour, pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Make a well in the flour and pour in most of the milky mix, stir the well until the flour is incorporated, add the last of the milk if you need to. You do not want these to spread like flapjacks, so err on the side of thick. If that makes any sense. (If you do want flapjacks, add a little more milk. )

a platter of pikelets

aren’t they cute? mmm…

Pour or spoon mixture onto a hot lightly greased griddle turned low. When bubbles appear flip over. Pile inside a folded tea towel as you finish and serve warm with butter and jam or whipped cream and jam or HONEY!
If nothing else, we sure got the “tea towel” part right! They were adorable and delicious! Serve with good conversation, coffee, (bacon, optional) and friends! Mmmm…



  1. I love trying other blogger’s recipes and I don’t do it nearly enough. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I’ve heard of these pikelets often from Australian and New Zealand friends. They sound delicious. I’ll have to give them a go:)

  3. Love pikelets – now I really need to make some!

    • Is your recipe any different from this one? I’m in loooooove with these! 🙂

      • No, I think it´s pretty much the same!

  4. and you are saying them perfectly, i am glad you liked them and thank you for the link, usually i only eat them with a smear of butter, when the kids were little i made endless rainy day batches of them.. have a lovely day.. c

    • delicious, delicious – thank *you*! Mmmm… now we just need more rain!

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