Posted by: Rachel | October 14, 2012

school colors

OK, maybe not from any school I even attended, but something about this bowl of pretties reminded me of fall, football, hallow’een and high school. Weird…

bowl of persimmons and baby eggplant

not my school colors, but… mmm

Yesterday the downtown farmer’s market came to my neighborhood and joined ranks with our (albeit more, um, intimate) Saturday market. This was due to the ACL Festival that has taken over downtown causing consternation for anyone trying to drive (or park!) anywhere.

Downtown’s madness, though, was my neighborhood’s joy as we got to visit with farmers that we don’t often see! Yay! Remember last year’s jujube dates? Well those same good folks who grew those yummies were featuring persimmons yesterday and I couldn’t help myself!

I love persimmons. I only discovered them a few years ago, and wish I’d known about them sooner! I know they grow here, and I’m thinking maybe I need to invest in a tree or two. Hmmm… (mmmmm!)

The baby eggplants were so adorable that I really had no choice! I think I’ll cook ’em up with the lamb shanks I bought. Oh mmmm…

On another note, my new friend Ken from Eating & got the swap package and seems pleased. I could list everything I sent, but he did a fine job of inventorying it all, and I think his photos are better than mine, so please just take a peek at his blog!

If you know me at all you know I have a ferocious and voracious sweet tooth, but I tried, honestly I did, to send a variety of sweet and savory goodies. It was fun, if challenging to stretch that $30 that we were to allow ourselves! I did stay on budget, though, and now at the grocery I’m already thinking about next year… mmmmmm!

Oh I did want to show you the tree that produces those pecans. I wish it was in my yard!

huge pecan tree

can you see the nuts?

Happily, my neighbors don’t mind sharing!

There are beautiful pecan trees all over my neighborhood, and they are producing like crazy this year. I was afraid we’d lose some of these beautiful old trees from last year’s drought, but so far so good.

close up of pecans on tree

how’s that? better?

Between the squirrels and the urban foragers like me, there are precious few pecans that litter the ground. Mmmm… still, I never seem to gather enough for a pie. I mostly just eat ’em out of hand!

Enjoy your fall harvests, and watch this space for a “swap update”!



  1. Those colors are just beautiful together, Rachel.

    • Almost (but not quite) too good to eat! 🙂

  2. Oh ..lamb shanks long cooked!! and aubergine thrown in at the last.. yum.. c

  3. Thanks for the package. I’m diving in now. I just made a post about the mesquite olive oil.

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