Posted by: Rachel | October 17, 2012

extra extra!

You know I rarely post mid-week, but I got my goodie box from “up north” and am so delighted that I couldn’t wait to share it with you! Wish you were here…

I’m only starting to think about using some of the treats I received as part of the Austin-Boston swap. It is way too hot to even consider making baked beans for the moment, but I will confess that the Lexington cookies are nearly gone already! Mmmm…

I laughed to see that Ken and I sent each other bay leaves from our bay trees. Other than that, no overlap in what passes as “local” for each of us. Here’s what I sent him:

Goodies I sent to Ken

tastes of Texas…

And lookee what I got! Woohoo and mmmmm!!

goodies from Ken

generally generously generous! mmmmm!!

Ken apparently read my mind and my blog!. See that bag of “hot dog rolls” front and center? These are the kind that are absolutely imperative for lobster rolls! Mmmmm… he even provided the mayo. Says Ken, “Cain’s Mayonnaise – This mayonnaise is made in Ayer, Massachusetts and can only be found in the New England area. It is the correct mayonnaise for the perfect lobster roll.” Now I just need that lobster… or maybe just some (shhhhh) chicken salad or something.

And, he was bolder than I was – he sent me fresh cranberries and a batch of his sourdough starter, about which he said “This is the ultimate in local. It comes from our own homemade starter created with local Lexington lactobacillus.”!! The cranberries will be enjoyed next month, and the sourdough starter has been fed and is in the fridge. It smells properly yeasty and just a bit tart so I’m hoping it survived the trip…

He also included recipes and a full inventory/history. Lovely! Me, I just slammed everything into bubble wrap and shipped it off! Ah well – he knows how to “find” me if he has questions!

So, months of fun ahead… and more from me soon! Mmmmm…. gotta go eat – too hungry now!



  1. Congratulations on your box, Rachel. Sounds like fun.

    • Great fun – I can’t wait for next year! Goodies and a new friend – what could be better?

  2. I am seriously jealous of the hot dog rolls – would love to get those in my swap box (too bad I didn’t think about it sooner or I could have dropped a couple of hints to my Boston swap partner) How fun! Love these blogger swaps 🙂

    • If you blog it, it might come… I was lucky! Mmmm… Honestly, though, the shopping was almost as much fun as the
      “getting” – except I got awfully hungry!

  3. What fun!

    • And how cool is it to live in Austin where we actually have a food bloggers group like this? Amazing…

  4. Can’t wait to see what you make.

  5. What fun, you lucky lady!

  6. kinda cool how different all our packages are even though they all come from the “same” place.

    • Indeed – and how fun it was to shop for what I sent out! I’m already looking forward to next year – hope we do it again! Mmmm!

  7. What a great idea, and what fun you’ll both have cooking with each other’s local ingredients!

  8. Getting a sourdough starter is pretty cool! That would have made my day.

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