Posted by: Rachel | October 27, 2012

nooks and crannies

I’m in New York visiting my cousins for the weekend. Since most of the media seems to think that we will be inundated and probably without power (maybe for days they intimate gleefully) if/when the hurricane hits, I thought we could share a quick bite while the weather is calm.

Mmmmmmm – bagels for breakfast! I had sesame, toasted, from David’s of course.


This is what a proper freshly toasted bagel should look like. A knife should not be able to really cut it cleanly – it should toast up full of nooks and crannies to hold butter, cream cheese, jam or whatever floats your boat. I say again… mmmmmm!

And, an honest bagel should be sufficiently chewy that by the time it looks like this:

your jaws should be a bit tired!

So that and a glass of fresh-squeezed oj and a good cup of coffee (or two) has me ready to hike all over Manhattan before the weather changes. Do let us do this again soon!

And, if the lights stay on (!) expect another post shortly. What an amazing food town this is… mmmmm!



  1. That bagel looks wonderful! Enjoy New York and all the food it has to offer. Hope you’re not too badly affected by the storm, but just in case I should stock up with some essentials!

  2. Oh…I hope you don’t get a terrible storm. Take care!

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