Posted by: Rachel | October 28, 2012

just in case…

We’re still waiting for the big weather here in lower Manhattan, but in the mean time we’re stocking up just in case.

We went to the green market and bought a nice mess of greens:

I never heard of this but I think it’ll be fine with sautéed onion and garlic…

Then we went out for Dimsum and ice cream. I mean, if the power does go out for days we figured it was wise to have our ice cream *now*!


We got a few other odds and ends, some bottled water, and I guess we’re set! As my cousin told me, this is New York. If we run out of anything we have it delivered!

Stay safe and dry… more later!



  1. Hope you and your cousins are safe and that you can make it back home safely.

    • Thanks, friend! On verra…

  2. Ice cream before the storm…now that is preparation. LOL. In all seriousness, I hope you will remain safe. Take care.

    • Well, as they say: Life is uncertain… Eat dessert first!

  3. Hang in there and stay safe!

    • Thanks! So far so good…

  4. Hope everything is OK!

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