Posted by: Rachel | October 31, 2012

and then make…

Well, pretty much make whatever is in the fridge as it certainly won’t keep with the power expected to be off for another 4 days or so!

I am not complaining, mind you! We have no power but we have water (so far) and a gas stove, and no flood or wind damage so it’s all good!

Last night we roughed it with

whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, onions and black beans topped with Parmesan. Mmmmmm!

And we’ve been out walking all over. I am astonished to see so many cars managing without traffic lights! I sure wouldn’t want to driving out there!

The neighborhood lost some beautiful trees, but otherwise we’re fine. It’s just very odd that come 5:30 or so it is dark and I mean inside and out! And quiet

We are uptown today so I am recharging my phone. No cell service downtown, of course, no Internet so I just wanted to thank you all for your concern and let you know that once again my luck is holding!

Take good care and more soon…



  1. Good to hear that you’re OK….and eating well it seems! Stay safe.

  2. Glad to hear the refrigerator items aren’t going to waste and happy you are all safe.

  3. I’m just glad you’re okay. Not worried about your food – you could make something good out of sawdust and 10 year old raisins.

    • Ewwwwww! Maybe *5* year old raisins… anyway thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂

  4. Glad you and your family are doing ok and that you may be able to fly tomorrow! Be careful and safe travels … back to kayaking water that missed you today … but you may not want to see any kind of “water” for a while!

    • Looking forward to *hot* water, you bet! Even a dunk in Town Lake would be fine…

  5. Happy to know that you are OK. You certainly made the best of a bad situation.

    • Well, I will be happy to have lights and hot water again, no mistake! But overall I’m still up for adventures I guess!

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