Posted by: Rachel | April 29, 2013

working on it…

Just back from a week visiting my mom. She lives in a retirement community, a village really, with a population well over 300. The food services are amazing, but even given that, this time I ate something that made me very happy.

The dinner menu (of course you could cook for yourself, but this was a vacation!) every night offers several choices with several sides as well as an “always available” menu of various things (baked chicken, grilled salmon) that are, well, always available.

So, one evening one of the side dishes offered was “carrot soufflé”. I figured I’d try it as I never met a soufflé I didn’t like. Oh my. It was so good that when the server asked what I’d like for dessert I said “More of the carrot soufflé, please.”! Mmmm…

It was sweet, light, seemingly “good for you” and I liked it fine – twice!

I begged for the recipe and the good folks there complied. Now I just have to rework it a bit. I mean, I’d gladly share it exactly as they gave it to me but it starts with:
25 pounds carrots
3 quarts liquid eggs
2 quarts half and half
You see the problem? Assuming that we are not feeding armies here, I am working on cutting it down to something more manageable. Mmmmm… it sure was good, though, so I think it will be worth it! Stay tuned…

Meantime, this week I am trying to do my bit for the upcoming city-wide “Austin Bakes for West” bakesale (Saturday May 4th, yup, less than a week away!). For those who may not have heard, there was a fire and an explosion at a fertilizer factory in the town of West, Texas on April 17th.

Today I made spiced pecans, and am planning to bake sugar cookies and those choco-almond cookies from last week.

Austin Bakes for West poster

There’s more info about the bakesale and how it all works at If you are interested, its not too late to volunteer. Saturday should be a fine day for a bakesale, not too hot but (of course) sunny. I’ll be at the Whole Foods downtown location from about 9:30 until roughly noon… I’m just sayin’… c’mon by!

After the bakesale is over I promise I’ll work on that carrot soufflé recipe. Enjoy the week!



  1. That should be a fun exercise! 25 pounds -WOW!

  2. Hey Rachel, glad to hear you had a splendid visit! I’ll be at the Round Rock bake sale site on Saturday all day. I hope we sell out!

    • You donating pierogies? Mmmmm! ;-p

      • No, not pierogies 🙂 I have whole list of things I want to bake, we’ll see how much I can get done without too much sleep deprivation!

  3. I hope you work out the quantities because the carrot soufflé sounds wonderful!

  4. I keep reading so much about this Bake Sale, and I knew I was going to buy sweets from it, but now I’m inspired to make something! I’m a terrible baker, so I’m going to keep it raw and do something simple like energy bars made from the food processor with dates, nuts, and oats. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Simple? I want the recipe! Sounds awfully good… and I think dates are underappreciated. Mmmmm….

  5. […] remember that carrot “soufflé”? I made a batch yesterday (starting with 2 pounds of carrots – not 25!!) and while it was […]

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