Posted by: Rachel | May 20, 2013

and the winner is…

Well, yes and no. While I didn’t win the slowfish contest (although I did make the first round cut to my surprise!), I did win Midnite Chef’s tea giveaway! I got my tea in the mail on Friday – and it was an extra nice treat because I’d forgotten all about it!

Mmmm… amazing flavors and enough for lots of “cold brewed” ice tea. Sounds fancy, but it just means I put cool tap water in a pitcher, put in the teabags, cover and put it in the fridge and wait a few hours or overnight… easy peasy! Happy happy, as the temperatures outside are definitely summery (hey, I warned you it was coming!).

indigo rose heritage tomato

aptly named “indigo rose” – mmmm!

In case you are curious about my non-winning recipe I will happily share. I really do think these are tasty (and not fishy if that worries you).

And they’re pretty I think. You can use a mix of yellow and red cherry or grape tomatoes, or, if you have planned well and you are lucky you can use your own garden tomatoes.

The anchovy is just salty enough that the tomato (which loves salt) doesn’t need any additional. It couldn’t be much simpler than this:

plate of bites

small bites, small plate

Quick Chovy-Mato Bites 

1 oil-packed anchovy fillet
1/4 cup sour cream
10 grape or cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon cilantro or parsley, chopped (optional)

Toothpicks for serving

In a small bowl, mash the anchovy fillet. Add the sour cream and mix very well. Halve the tomatoes, place cut side down (so they don’t roll around) on a serving plate and put a nice dab of the mixture on each one. Top each tomato half with a tiny bit of finely chopped parsley or cilantro if desired.

Makes 20 “Bites”


Now, remember that carrot “soufflé”? I made a batch yesterday (starting with 2 pounds of carrots – not 25!!) and while it was good, it wasn’t quite what I was after.

squirrel in my yard

tree rat…

The one I enjoyed was more dense, sweeter (a little), and spicier I think. So, (having off-loaded much of this one to happy neighbors) I’ll finish eating this batch and try again! The good news is that (1) it was close and (2) it is not expensive so I’m happy to try again. I’ll keep you posted – I promise!

And, in case you were wondering, I did get some of those peaches. I think this guy got the rest. If only he wasn’t so darn entertaining…

More soon… stay cool! Mmmm… ice tea!



  1. Looking forward to the carrot souffle recipe when you get it right — I recently bought ten pounds of organic carrots and would love to try a souffle.

    • Oh yum! I’lll try again this week sometime I think – I’m really close to having it “right”…

  2. I admit I actually thought, for a fleeting moment, that “and the winner is..” referred to the Preakness which ran in Baltimore on Saturday. For all I knew perhaps you had the winner “Oxbow” because his name reminded you of a favorite soup. And I too shall wait for the carrot souffle recipe.

    • You crack me up! 🙂 Oxtail, sure… but not until maybe November… too hot for anything that heavy! Mmmm…

  3. That’s a lovely indigo rose tomato! I just planted that variety for the first time this year and wasn’t sure when they would be ready to go. Now I know! I think I’m about a week behind your plant! Happy tomato season 🙂

  4. My kind of appetizer and am looking forward to that souffle recipe 🙂

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