Posted by: Rachel | June 14, 2013


How lucky and happy I am to be a member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance and to be in town right now (despite the weather)! Last week there were a variety of soirées and dos, and this week it just keeps going on!

Last week there was the “bites and bloggers” evening to welcome the many visitors who came for the BlogHer food conference, then there was an evening sponsored by the (I kid you not) National Mango Board, and yesterday I was invited to sample the wonders at Hoover’s Texa-Mexi-Cue Trailer. Wow… I’m exhausted and stuffed!

empty bowl with spoon

oops – you would have loved it!

At the bites and bloggers event there were goodies, sweet and savory, from a clutch of Austin’s chefs. At the “Mangofest” there were all sorts of treats (introduced by season, interestingly enough) including a roasted Brussel sprouts and bacon and mango (oh my!) recipe that I will work on (no I haven’t forgotten about the carrot soufflé, I’ve just been busy!) and a blueberry-mango cobbler (see photo). Mmmmmmmm…

And, last night at Hoover’s I got to try a variety of smoked meats that were amazingly good but I also had a side of beans (you know I love beans in most any form – but these were exceptional!) for which I believe I would crawl over broken glass. Happily this isn’t necessary, as you (or at least I) can just drive up to Manor Road at Alamo Street to get a fix. Whew… and mmmm!!

Hoover's trailer

Hoover’s trailer

I could wax poetic about the experience, but I can’t do it better than my friend Maggie, so why reinvent the wheel? Enjoy her post and tell her I sent you if you like!

I will aslo tell you that I was the “early shift”. I visited before her group arrived, so I got to have a private audience with “the Hoover of Hoover’s” and he is a delight. He is passionate about food, community, urban gardens, involving kids in gardens, and much more – and his food reflects his interests. Ok, I’ll stop now – go read Maggie’s post, will ya? (grin)

If Hoover himself isn’t at the trailer when you go he may well be across the street at the restaurant – stop in and say hi and tell him I sent you!

So, no recipe this week, I’ve been too happily eating everyone else’s food! Back to cooking for us now, though, so – we’ll see what the next post brings. Hopefully I’ll get that carrot soufflé recipe squared away before the cherry trees are in blossom!

Those of you who are local stay cool, and hope for rain (does San Antonio really need more right now?)…



  1. Like how you worked in the cherry blossoms…loved your post. Thank you.

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