Posted by: Rachel | September 29, 2013

No specific food theme this week, I just wanted to take a few minutes to catch up on some overdue thank you mentions and a few announcements. I’ve been awfully busy (in a good way) and much of it is due to the work of others, so:

Thanks to Slow Food Austin for thinking to have a benefit for the new Montessori School that is due to open next year, thanks to Springdale Farm for hosting and many thanks to Antonelli’s, Confituras, Red Wattle, Tipsy Texan and everyone else I’ve failed to name who was involved. What a fun evening that was!

And I’d like to thank Home Slice for hosting the recent AFBA happy hour and Brittany for arranging it! You rock!

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a bunch of folks, so just know that if you have fed/hosted/supported an event I attended in the last few weeks or months – thanks!!

Announcements: The hummers have left. After a few weeks of truly amazing aerial displays they’ve headed back to Mexico for the “winter”. I miss them…

hummingbirds at feede

not the best at sharing…

And: it rained!!! Twice!!!

rain gauge - nearly 3 inches


I’m not saying that the drought is over, but that high pitched sound you may be hearing is my yard going “ahhhhhhhh…” Mmmmmm…

It is almost 10 AM and the temperature is only 67F. I’m seriously considering baking something. I’m not saying that it won’t get warm again, but I think (ever the optimist) that we’re done with “high 90s” for the next few months. Oh I hope…

So, this week’s chores include cleaning out my finch feeders and making sure I have plenty of fresh birdseed on hand, planting my fall greens (mâche, arugula, and possibly a few surprises) maybe even tidying up the yard a bit, who knows! Ahhhhh…

What does fall look like where you are? Today it looks like Ireland or maybe San Francisco… for the moment! Mmmmmm…



  1. What do you put in the hummingbird feeders, i am thinking seriously of getting some, they come past here about this time of year.. on their way to somewhere else.. lovely shot of them.. c

    • 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water, mix and bring to a boil, cool and fill the feeders. I make big batches and keep it in the fridge so I can refill the feeders as needed. NO red food coloring, OK? Just a simple “simple syrup”.

      I’ve planted for them as well, lots of red flowers, tubular, sweet… and once they find you they’ll come back!

      Easy as pie and much more entertaining than TV! 😉

      Let me know how you fare, OK? I’ll put my feeders back up in late March…

  2. Leaves are changing colors and the apples and pears are ready for picking.

  3. Here Up the Mountain it’s just dry and grey, but in a few weeks, now the rains are coming it will look greener and more autumnal. We never really get those glorious autumm colours here as olives are evergreen…so we get a kind of amost spring look for a while!

    • My yard (dare I call it a garden? I think not… ;-)) is already turning green. I’m not sure Ill ever get used to “winter” being the green season! Enjoy your rains! Mmmmm…

  4. Awww I was so excited for “fall” weather here I didn’t think to say goodbye to the hummingbirds! And yes, the rain! Cannot get enough of the rain! I’m so far behind on my fall garden planting, I hope the rain keeps up once I finally get my starts in the ground. Hope you’re doing well. Hope to see you sometime soon!

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