Posted by: Rachel | December 23, 2013

should life hand you lemons…

Yes, certainly lemonade is one option, and limoncello, and lemon curd, or you can juice them, strain the seeds out, then put the juice in ice cube trays until frozen then package in plastic bags for summer uses… add some to almost any chicken dish or to salad dressing or greens, make a pot of avgolemono soup perhaps; so many possibilities! Mmmm…meyer lemon on brandy glass

I got a lovely gift of lemons (and a bunch of other goodies as well) at the AFBA “prop swap” this week. Wowza… I was lucky to pull Kristina’s number out of the “hat”. Ironically she got mine so she ended up with a baggie of cookie cutters and my (ok, not mine exactly…) sugar cookie recipe. Happily, she didn’t seem to mind!

Perhaps I should back up and explain a bit.

Last Wednesday evening was the holiday happy hour for the Austin Food Blogger Alliance. We were tasked with (optional, of course, but what a great idea!) bringing a “prop” that we had used in a blog post. If we chose to participate, we’d pull a number and get some other blogger’s prop… you get the idea, right?

Anyway, she brought lemons from her Meyer lemon tree. This tree is famous in the local food blogger (and food blog reader, I think) community – it had something like 800+ (yes, you are reading the correctly!) lemons this year. Again I say wowza…

I am not sure what I am going to do with the ones she gave me. I’m pretty sure some will end up in a chicken and olive dish, a few may go into a batch of limoncello as well. Perhaps some sort of risotto? Maybe… Mmmm…

OK I’m hungry now! I think I’m going to go stare at those lemons a bit – what a scratch and sniff delight they are! And, even more than all the goodies – I really enjoyed meeting Kristina and having a chance to talk a bit!

I gotta ask: what would you do with a windfall bounty of lemons? All suggestions carefully considered…

Best for the season and particularly (knowing how lazy I am) the New Year! I’ll try to post at least once more before then, but who knows! Be well, stay safe, and enjoy! Mmm…



  1. seafood – all kinds! … tortilla soup … guacamole …lemon bars …salad dressing …my mouth is puckering!!!

    • Oh tortilla soup! Mmmm… and what do you think about a Meyer ceviche? (Farm-raised shrimp only, right?? Or do I have it backwards???) 🙂

  2. Have a great Christmas…thanks for a year of excellent recipes

    • Thanks! Did you like the photo? I was thinking of you and your wonderful photography… you know I don’t usually “style” mine but I do love yours!

  3. Perserve some of those lemons in salt…easy to do. Have a wonderful Christmas, Rachel.

    • I’ve done it with “regular” lemons but never with Meyers. Good idea – might be really interesting! Mmm…

      • Just stopped back by to wish you all the best in this new year.

  4. You can make a great baked chicken dish with sliced lemons, lemon juice and garlic!

    • Mmmmmm – hungry *now*!!

  5. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. 🙂

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