Posted by: Rachel | March 9, 2014

parsley, sage, cilantro, and thyme…

Every year around this time I promise myself that I will be reasonable, that I will show restraint, that I won’t over-buy on new herbs for my garden. And every year I get seduced by those 4-inch pots of scented yumminess, and fail totally. This year, though, it isn’t my fault – honest!

My friend is clearing out her herb bed to make room for “real food”. She offered me pretty much my pick of her crop (thank you again!!), and how could I say no? I guess, and if you know me at all you already know this, I couldn’t!

We dug ’em up, set them gently in (recycled, of course) pots to protect the root balls, and I hauled them down to my part of town. That’s how my car came to smell like salsa – that cilantro is potent stuff! I think (assuming it takes kindly to being transplanted) that I will use what I can then let it go to seed. Mmmm…

herbs in the back of my car

parsley, sage, la la la…

The parsley is the curly leaf kind. Very pretty, very healthy, and while not as tasty as the Italian sort, it’ll do fine. The sage should be happy, and I hope the lemon thyme will be as well.

The only one that is new to my garden is the cutting or leaf celery. Oh does it smell wonderful! It looks very healthy, so I’m hoping it will be happy here. I’ve never grown it, only read about it, but I am envisioning soups, adding it to sautéed onions as a base in lots of dishes, or maybe just to munch on! Mmmm…

We had rain (RAIN!!!) yesterday almost all day here, good Irish-style gently drizzly rain. The ground is soft today and I’m in a planting mood, so I’m off to find spots in my beds for these babies. Yes, I said yes before I figured out where I’d put them all… I’m bad that way but I’m sure it will work out fine. I’ll keep you posted on their progress over the summer!

If it is spring where you are, what are your garden plans? If not, how is your garden? Still covered with snow? Enjoy whatever the season and, as always, bon appetit! Mmmm…



  1. Good luck with your garden this year…I hope you have great weather. We still have a foot of snow on the ground here in New Hampshire. It isn’t stopping me though, as I’m starting my tomato seeds today. 🙂

    • Oh good luck! I buy plants (I’m lazy that way) from a local supplier. They carry interesting heirloom varieties. Which ones are you planting this year?

      • Since the growing season is so short in Maine, I start my tomatoes early when no one is even thinking about selling plants. They will be big by the time they go into our garden. All heirlooms…Black Krim, Burgundy, Cherokee Purple, Black Cherry, and a couple of others that I can’t remember the name of off the top of my head. I’ll do a garden post once they have germinated.

      • Down here I’d probably have to start plants before Christmas! 😉 I grew Cherokee Purple last year and they were tasty. G’luck and I’ll watch for your post! Mmmmmm… home grown tomatoes!

  2. I enjoyed this – could hear your voice while reading Thanks. Josie

    • Thanks! That is high praise…

  3. Hope your herb transplants take and do wonderfully! We just got everything planted (except for a few seeds) on Monday and now as I type this the wind is whipping around something terrible. Ah Texas weather…just when you think it is safe. Hopefully everything is fine and pulls through. Oh…and we also buy our tomato plants too instead of growing from seed. Cheating is ok I feel when we are getting them from somewhere local, right?!! 🙂

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