Posted by: Rachel | August 4, 2014

bowled over

Yes, I’ve missed you too! Actually I hope you remember me – it has been a while (cough cough).

What can I say? It is summer and I’ve been both busier than usual and phenomenally lazy. So…

But, here’s what I just need to share. While I know that many of you don’t live anywhere near here, you might come visit one day; put this place on your list!

I had dinner a few days ago at The Hightower. It is a fairly new restaurant just a few blocks east of I35 on 7th. (Yes, I know, you don’t live here; bear with me, OK?)

I almost didn’t go. See, they hosted (thank you, thank you!!) an AFBA happy hour and when I read their menu, well, I just wasn’t quite sure.

I mean, if you know me at all you know I take eating seriously but I don’t take food too seriously. There are too many folks out there making precious stuff just for the sake of what I call “the emperor’s new food”; I think it is just plain foolish. Why bother?

Usually when I read a menu I can taste the dish. This is not bragging, it is just a result of lots of cooking, reading cook books, and, well, um, eating. Their menu got me curious and concerned at the same time.

I’m so glad my curiosity won out. Wow. And Mmmmm!!

Rather than what I was afraid might be yet another precious, trendy, offbeat for the sake only of offbeatness (is that a word?) fly-by-night jive dive, the Hightower is having fun with food. I approve whole heartedly!

The chef told me that they “like to burn stuff alot”. I’m not sure just what the “burnt avocado” adds the their (wowza) roasted pork jowl, or why they decided to add “scallion ash” to their (oh my!) ceviche, but both things sure were good (mmmmm).

I even liked their presentation. Everything (at least everything we had) comes in bowls. You too can play with your food – much of it comes “layered” and requires “mixing” at the table. “Bowled over” – get it? OK, I’ll stop.

I’m going back (and soon!) for the lamb.

If you live here, go there. If you don’t, put it on your “in case I get to Austin sometime” list. Give me a call when you get here and I’ll go with you!

Check out their menu and see what you think (and let us know, ok?). Someone (and I think I know who – cough cough) is having way too much fun in that kitchen. I sure had fun eating everything they offered me! Mmmmmmmm…. and thanks again!



  1. Love the emperor’s new food. Precisely. Or more harshly, silly, trendy, fru-fru con. The emperor is kinder and makes the point. Yeah to humor.

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