Posted by: Rachel | October 15, 2014

guess that country!

Well, I’ve been away again. I know it is no excuse for not posting, but honest, I’ve been busy! Can you guess where I was?


Maybe this will help:


No? OK, I will tell you. I was in Italy. Yup. I didn’t expect northern Italy the Dolomiti and South Tyrol regions) to look like this, but there was a distinctly “Sound of Music” flavor to the area. Mmm…

How about this?


Too expected? I loved it. This was my first time in Venice and oh, the food! The small restaurant across from the hotel (“It is run by Neapolitans” the desk man told me in a hushed voice) offered the best pizza I think I have ever had, and a (hand cut on a chitarra, no less) pasta with almonds, paper thin zucchini, and caciocavallo… Mmmmmm!!

This post is just a quickie (so to speak) to let you know I’m home safely. The above dish will be featured in my next post (coming very soon I promise!!) with pictures of the original dish and my recreation… but first I have to unpack and get settled back in. I’ve missed all of you – I had a blast but it is soooo good to be home! Yawn…

Until soon, ciao!



  1. Welcome back! Those are beautiful photos. Can’t wait to see your recipe!

  2. Happy to hear you’re home safely! The pictures are beautiful, how did you manage to come back home? Can’t wait for your next post. Welcome home.

  3. So glad you had a great time and are home safe…only to dream of the next trip. :0)

  4. Welcone back – sounds like you had an incredible trip!

  5. Sounds wonderful! Glad you’re home. Josie

  6. glad your home, healthy & happy!

  7. Oui, c’est bien que tu sois de retour! Tu nous as manqué – tes recettes aussi! Dors bien et recommence dans la cuisine… Bisous!

  8. I know you had a great time…welcome home. Venice of course is a wonderful city to visit but so is the South Tyrol region. At one time, it was part of Austria and does remind you of scenes from the Sound of Music.

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