Posted by: Rachel | November 19, 2014

to market, to market…

So far this visit to New York has been astonishingly uneventful. Trust me, having been here for hurricane Sandy a few years ago, I like uneventful!

Today, despite temps in the 20s (brrrrrr…) we walked over to the Union Square Market. Oh la la… I think these’ll give you a little taste:








I must say, though, that my favorite of all the signs was this one. Why, it’s almost as if they were expecting us! (Mmmmm…)


Stay warm and safe, and enjoy the season! Mmmmm…


  1. Ooh – that does indeed sounds like a very good “uneventful” day!

    • Delightfully uneventful! Just the way I like it 😉 mmmmmm…

  2. Hello Rachel. Feels fun that you were in the neighborhood, sorta kinda my version. Your pictures were great. We have an extensive farmers market year round, 2 days a week. Just moved back inside for the winter in great old lumber yard digs. Almost always a guitar playing singer too. Hope you’re happy and healthy.

    • Hope you are staying warm and are doing well this (brrrrr) season! Music at the market? How “Austinesque”!

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