Posted by: Rachel | April 26, 2015

how does your garden grow?

How about a quick walk around my yard with me this morning? We’ve had some rain (still not enough, but we’ll take it!), and while I can barely keep up with the mowing, I love this time of year. Green makes me happy, especially since I know by now that in a few months all this will be brown and crunchy…

Here’s some of what I saw this morning.

I love this water iris. I think it is elegant and beautiful, and it smells lovely if faint. No idea of the variety – anyone know?

water iris blooming in washtub pond

happy water iris

I’m amazed that the cedar waxwings, those handsome feathered robbers, left me any mulberries. There was quite a flock in a neighboring tree a few days ago and I figured the whole mulberry tree would be stripped, but lookee here! Mmmm!


mmm – mulberries!

Never got a peach last year – some critter stripped the tree a few days before I thought the peaches were going to be ripe enough to pick. Maybe this year will be different… toujours optimiste!

small unripe peaches

peachy keen!

My pomegranate “tree” decided to lay down during a huge storm a few years ago. It didn’t uproot or break, it just sort of sighed and yielded. Last year was sort of a “rebuilding” year, but this year there are lots of blossoms. We’ll see!

pomegranate flowers

patience, patience…

If you know me then you know that much of my “garden” was planted for me by the birds. That includes these loquat trees. The fruit will be ripe in a just a few days. The fruits are soft, sweet, juicy, and the birds and I love ’em. They get the high ones and I take the low ones – it all works out. And yes, I know this is not a native plant, I’m not a native here either – shhhh 😉

loquat tree with fruit

not just for the birds!

I’m looking forward to the possibility of figs, I’ve planted a few more herbs, my nasturtiums are up, and, for the moment, my rain barrels are full. Life is good!

How is your garden this season? Let us know, ok? I have to go dream of peach cobbler now… it could happen!



  1. Loved the tour of your yard! I have a fig tree doing quite well this time but it’s looking like it might be needing a bigger pot. You see, my back yard has a lot
    of shade and I can’t put the fig tree in the ground. Would you recommend moving it to a larger container? Beautiful Iris! Hope mine do as well…

    • I think I would leave the fig in its pot for this year and repot it late fall, unless of course it is actually pushing itself out of the current pot. It won’t hurt it to be a bit root-bound.

  2. Wow, what gorgeous photos! So uplifting after our long winter in Massachusetts. Your post made me curious about loquats, and I looked them up to read all about them. Thank you for such a beautiful and cheerful post today.

    • Thanks! Enjoy your late spring and think of us poor fools in August (and September and October and…).

  3. I love it1 You have a lovely garden.

    Love, Josie >

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