Posted by: Rachel | May 22, 2015


Remember these?

small unripe peaches

peachy keen!

This year I got lucky despite the birds and the critters, and they became these!

beautiful ripe peaches

juicy and delicious

Which then became this:

peaches cooking

pot full o’ peaches!

And finally is now in the freezer in small containers to enjoy much, much later. Mmmmm…

Peach “Sauce”

1 tbsp butter
5-8 pounds of fresh, ripe, rain-kissed peaches
juice of one large lemon
brown sugar
Armenian 7-spice

Put the butter in a deep heavy Dutch oven. Set over low heat. Cut the peaches off the stone. No need to peel. Cut away any nasty bits (hey, we don’t spray!). Add to the pot. Add the lemon juice. Add a few tbsp of brown sugar and a few tbsp of Armenian 7-spice (or a mixture of cinnamon, cloves, cumin, coriander, and nutmeg, with a smaller bit of black pepper and cardamon, all finely ground and well-mixed). Keep the heat low and let the peaches sort of melt into a sauce. Mmmmm… Barely simmer for a half hour, add more brown sugar if desired. Chill or freeze if you have enough.
You can put this on ice cream, in smoothies, over biscuits, in oatmeal, or pretty much just eat it as is! Mmmm… tastes like summer! And oh, did my house smell wonderful! Enjoy…



  1. Sounds great!

    will have lunch with your mom next week.

    Love, Josie >

  2. I have a peach tree now. Two years old. Two peach crops. Year one I got enough peaches for one pie. Year two, two pies. Maybe this year the crop will be big enough for a pie and this yummy looking peach sauce.

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