Posted by: Rachel | October 11, 2015

walk with me

I went to visit my cousins in New York last weekend. We were all kinds of ready for Joachim, but New York got lucky this time. My heart goes out to those folks who got hit, though – having been in New York for Sandy, well…

We did get some good rain and winds, but that didn’t stop us from going out and splashing around. I think this gives you an idea of how New Yorkers prepare for a hurricane:

sandwich board listing hurricane essentials: pastries etc

works for me!

I love all the little sandwich boards outside the restaurants and cafés. Some are funny:


Some more passionate:


One thing is certain: New York is never boring! The sights may be familiar:



or totally unfamiliar:


Either way, it is a great city and I had a blast! You just never know what to expect:

Really? Hmmmm...

Really? Hmmmm…


Again, really? Wish they'd been open...

Again, really? Wish they’d been open…

It was a wonderful weekend. Walked my feet off and loved every minute of it! I could go on and on but if a picture is really worth a thousand words, this post is far too long already. So, until next time,




  1. Sounds like a good time. Lucky you.

    I talked to your mother the other night – she sounded very chipper. I’ve just been in the hospital, so haven’t talked to her again. She thought she was being moved back to the main campus the next day. Has she? And if so do you have a phone number for her? I’ve been sort of hidden the last week, so am not sure when I can get out there. (My granddaughter drove me to Matt’s today for Ella’s birthday and the traffic was HORRIBLE, because the Hulton Bridge is closed for a few weeks – we sat on Washington Blvd. for over an hour.) Anyway, I’ll keep in touch with her and see her as soon as I can – I love being with her (and you). Please send me her new phone number and any information on her.

    Love to you, Josie >

  2. No matter how many times you visit New York, it will never be boring. 😀 Glad you had a good time.

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