Posted by: Rachel | November 29, 2015

walk with me (again)

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Paris in late October. The weather was a bit grey, but warm and dry and the city smelled of the tannin of fall leaves, roasting chestnuts, and hot chocolate. We set out most mornings around 10, and walked our feet off. Lunch options abounded, the problem was usually choosing just one!

Walk a bit with me, if you like:

The farinata at Foug turned out to be the Italian version of socca (a chickpea flour “pizza”), topped with slabs of mozzarella. Oh, mmmm…

slice of chickpea pizza

An ideal lunch even if you are not pursuing a gluten free lifestyle! Mmmm…

Sometimes (often!) in Paris the pastry shops and chocolate shops look like jewelry stores. So pretty… sparkly and yummy!


But sometimes they are more approachable.


I saw things I will never quite understand,


and other things that need no translation!


It was a wonderful week, lots of amazing sights, sounds, tastes… I’d go back in a heartbeat.

We watched the bouquinistes opening their stands. These Seine-side “shops” require an understanding of origami that I do not possess. They magically turn from what look like locked dumpsters into enticing storefronts! Amazing…


et voila!

et voila!

I could go on for days (and, well, I did go on for days, actually) but I’ll leave you with this obligatory image:

oh la la!

oh la la!

Oh wait, I meant:


As they say in France, a la prochaine (until next time)!



  1. Merci beau coup !

  2. “rue de la Ferronnerie” actually makes an odd kind of sense with the twisted bike–I could see taking my bike to “Ironmonger’s Street” looking for someone to repair it.

  3. And what an enjoyable walk it was! Thank you for the tour and the Tour…

  4. Thanks for the stroll through the shops of Paris.

  5. One of my favourite cities. So sad what the poor Parisians have had to deal with recently, So glad you weren’t caught up in it.

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