Posted by: Rachel | September 30, 2016

slowly, now…

Last night, Slow Food Austin had one of their “slow sessions“. This one was hosted by Lick. If you’re from around here you (hopefully) already know about their ice cream. If not, read on!


First, though, a few words about Slow Food. I’ve been a member of this group for a few years now and I’m very impressed with what they do for the local food community. They say “Slow Food Austin reconnects people with the food they eat. Our educational initiatives, social activities, fundraising events, and community volunteer projects inspire respect for where food comes from and awaken true pleasure in eating.” If you live here I highly recommend joining the local Austin group. They sponsor happy hours that benefit local farm initiatives and they offer the slow sessions, which are more educational (but just as much fun).

Now, about Lick! Mmmm… I won’t bore you with the info you can read on their site, but I will tell you that Anthony, one of the co-owners, gave us lots of info about how they source their ingredients. If I had any concerns about their product (which I did not) they would have disappeared.

good and (I'm sure) good for you!

good and (I’m sure) good for you!

After his presentation we got down to the challenge of tasting product. He let us sample a few flavors that are not yet available to the public – what fun! Of the “currently availables” I particularly enjoyed the “fromage and fig”. Oh la la!

It was a delightful, delicious, and informative evening. My thanks to Lick and Slow Food Austin. Now I think I need to go chase down some ice cream! Mmmm…



  1. Where have you been? Miss seeing your posts.

  2. So great to see you BACK IN PRINT!!

    Patti Renaldo

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