Posted by: Rachel | November 12, 2016

walk with me (2016 edition)

A few weeks ago I spent a nice long weekend with my New York cousins.

You may remember previous walks in the city from past years. This time, no hurricanes, no blackouts, no torrential downpours or other natural disasters; I had a great time! It was a bit chilly and rainy one day, perfect ramen weather, and we took full advantage. I’m not sure but I think the broth had been simmering since I was there a few years ago. Oh it was goooood!

But the find of finds this time was a tiny 3 barstool “restaurant” called Kopitiam. If you’re going to be in New York, I recommend stopping in for an afternoon snack. The place is tiny. I mean, the whole place (kitchen and “seating area”) could easily fit in my kitchen, probably twice! Still, the three staff managed an impressive ballet of crepe flipping and customer service.


I had the Pulut Inti described on the menu as “Blue Morning Glory Sticky Rice with Choice of Grated Coconut”. Wow!

blue sticky rice and coconut wrapped in a leaf

I’m not sure how they make the rice that color, and maybe I don’t want to know, but it was delicious and amazingly filling. I’d go back in a flash and try a few other items happily!

You know I love walking in the city. I walked through Bryant Park near Grand Central. The food stands had a distinctly European feeling.



Here are a few more sights from around town:

sandwich board stating "a yawn in a silent scream for coffee"



I liked this:


and this:


I had great fun walking, noshing, sho pping at the farmer’s market, and even cooking a little bit as well. I’m already looking forward to visiting again next fall!



  1. Nice!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Your walk was better than mine . . . .


    • Bless your heart… made me smile. Thanks!

  3. From my friend Ron: blue rice can be found in some Asian groceries. It’s definitely blue. Pak Pao Thai restaurant in Dallas has it in a dessert form 😃 that help? Here’s a link:

    • Thanks! I’ll look around in the groceries here – who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky!

  4. Sounds like a perfect visit to an amazing City with people you love!

    • Exactly. I could spend weeks there every year and not see half of it!

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