Posted by: Rachel | March 31, 2017

out like a lamb

March has been a confusing month, meteorologically speaking. Folk wisdom tells us that if the month comes in “like a lion” it will go out “like a lamb”.

This month has been more of a pushmi-pullyu!

Mind you, I’m not complaining, even though the weather folk tell us daily that we are “about 10 degrees above normal”. Do you suppose it might be time to redefine “normal”? Oh dear…

Anyway, the month is ending on a beautiful note here in central Texas. Nary a cloud, warm but breezy and dry today, greener than green due to torrential rains earlier this month, a great day for kites and al fresco dining!

I was lucky enough to eat outside this noon with good friends. And, I didn’t have to lift a finger (other that transporting the full fork to my mouth, of course).

Here’s some of what we enjoyed:

chicken salad and green salad

a salady duo – mmm!!

The small empty spot on the plate was filled with deviled eggs and a slice (or two) of baguette. For dessert we had:

creamy, dreamy, fresh and fruity – mmmmm!!

So good; spice cake with fresh fruit was delightfully “spring-y”! And, of course, everything tastes better when eating with friends.

Does spring inspire you to new salad ideas? I’m leaning that way myself, even though the weather folk say it will rain heavily over the next two days. Guess we’ll wait and see – it might just be their idea of an April Fools (Fool’s? Fools’? Perhaps all 3!) joke!

In any case, stay well, eat happily (and healthily), and enjoy the season!



  1. Yes, visions of cold soups and salads for the coming warmer than usual months ahead of us. Great pics!!!

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