Posted by: Rachel | April 9, 2017

going Dutch

This all started with a group of bakers who share stunning photos of their sourdough bread on Facebook. In their posts they use abbreviations, including DO. I first thought they meant dough, but finally realized they were referring to Dutch ovens.


That got me started thinking about our language and how often “Dutch”, as either Dutch something or something Dutch, crops up. Here’s some of how my brain wandered – enjoy the ride!

Dutch oven, as above
Dutch uncle (lots more things Dutch from Wikipedia here!)
Dutch courage (Wikipedia says…)
Pennsylvania Dutch (who aren’t actually Dutch at all)
Dutchman’s breeches (which don’t occur here in Texas, mores the pity)
Dutchman’s pipe
Dutch chocolate
Dutch-processed cocoa
Dutch baby (mmm!!)
double Dutch
Dutch door
and, of course,
Dutch treat, aka going Dutch

Have you even noticed that if you look at a single word over and over it begins to look odd even though you know it is spelled correctly? Hmmm, never mind, maybe that’s just me.

In any event, I just wanted to share what passed for thoughts today. Have fun adding to the list – I’m sure there are plenty more where these came from. Oh, and if you do make that Dutch baby, eet smakeliijk!



  1. HI Rachel,
    Here’s a couple that come to mind. . . .

    President Reagan’s nickname was “Dutch”. Also, there was the “Flying Dutchman” ; the legendary ghost ship.


    • Any idea why his nickname was Dutch?

      • According to Wikipedia.. Reagan’s father nicknamed his son “Dutch”, due to his “fat little Dutchman”-like appearance and “Dutchboy” haircut . . . .


  2. And Double Dutch And getting in dutch



    • Indeed! One of my strong suits… 😉

  3. Sometimes we think of the most unusual things…I usually do it at 3:00 AM.

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