Posted by: Rachel | June 25, 2017

as promised…

Last time I promised to “show and tell” you a bit about my recent trip. It isn’t quite as recent by now, but fresh in my mind none the less. For all that the weather seemed awful (40s, rainy and very windy) I’d sure love a day or two of that stuff right now!

In any event, here are a few images to whet your appetite. We started in


yup, Amsterdam

home of

so many cheeses, so little time!

as well as

loads of smokey fishy choices – mmm!

and, I discovered

the whole country seems to have a sweet tooth!

but really, we were there for the

field of tulips



these tulips as well

and the occasional



Despite the wind, rain, and hail, it was dreamy. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Imagine fields of hyacinths – intoxicating!!

The food was wonderful (oh, the fish!! ah the fries!!), the King’s birthday was great fun (how nice to live in a country where you happily celebrate your ruler!), and I had a grand time due in large part, of course, to my travel companions and new friends. More soon, from here, there, or wherever… until then, eet smakelijk!



  1. Nice summary! I almost feel like I was there…

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