Posted by: Rachel | September 30, 2017

(almost) too cute to eat

I don’t usually get carried away by cute (unless it involved kittens…) but I got involved in a discussion about quail eggs recently and it got me to thinking.

The only way I’ve seen them served at a restaurant is as a raw yolk on top of sushi. I like them that way, but that wasn’t something I was going to try at home. This, however, seemed a reasonable “do-at-home” idea.

Astonishingly, it went exactly as I imagined it!

These bites could be an appetizer, or perhaps something to serve as part of a brunch. They’re awfully cute and mighty tasty, and as is often the case with dishes I propose, you can customize as you like!

All I did was get the quail eggs, some mushrooms, a bit of garlic, and, of course, some olive oil. I took the stems out of the caps and set them aside. Then I sauteed the caps in olive oil.

I chopped up the mushroom stems with about 1/2 clove of garlic. I took the caps out of the skillet, added a small spoonful of the chopped filling, made a nice little indentation in each one, and carefully (they’re fragile after all) opened the quail eggs**. I set one quail egg in each. I carefully returned the caps to the skillet, turned down the heat, covered the whole thing and let them cook for about 4 minutes until the whites are well set.

I guess I’ll let the photos do the talking.

tiny but mighty

gently, gently…

almost there…

The only other thing I can suggest is perhaps a bit of chopped parsley or cilantro or chives or even scallion on top if you like. If I were a downtown restaurant I’d probably make some sort of colorful sauce to dress the plate, but I’m not so I didn’t.

**And, the only advice I can add is, don’t try to crack these like chicken eggs. They’re far too fragile. Just hold them carefully (firmly but gently) and use a sharp serrated knife to take the top off. Yes, really!

If you do decide to try this, let us know how it works for you. Mmmmm… and have fun!



  1. How creative and yummy sounding! I’ve had them hard boiled on a tooth pic with a cucumber slice and a cherry tomato as an appetizer. They are so cute…

  2. You are right they are almost too cute to eat but I think I’d do it anyway. 😀

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