Posted by: Rachel | October 30, 2017

walk with me (2017 edition)

Well it was another delightful trip to New York this fall. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I go up for a visit every year around this time. You also know that I was there for hurricane Sandy. This trip was much calmer!

We had perfect fall days, cloudless, cool, slightly breezy, delicious! And, since my cousins are kind and put up with my notions, I’m not afraid to make suggestions about activities or even restaurants.

I watch tv. There, I’ve said it. I own it. And, in a city with 3 PBS stations (4, if you count PBS kids) I’m rarely at a loss for something entertaining, enjoyable, and often educational.

Now forgive me but I’m not entirely sure what the name of the show was.Something like Life of a Chef, I think, and it was about a guy who opened a couple of ramen restaurants in New York.

Nothing particularly special about that, except that Ivan Orkin is not of an ethnic background most often associated with ramen. He is (and I quote his web site here) “a self described “Jewish Kid from Long Island””. But he’s done his homework, and his ramen, or at least the bowl I had, is very happy-making.

And, happily, one of his restaurants is only a few blocks from my cousins’ apartment.

nom nom slurp!

They hadn’t been to this place, but they’re game for most anything and very kind about humoring me. We walked over and had an excellent lunch. I thought the prices were quite reasonable, everyone we met was very friendly, the place was bright and cheery, and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

so pretty…

Generous, very pretty, and delicious – what more could one ask for?

sadly it was over all too soon…

The walk over was super too. We poked around the Essex Street Market where I saw piles of beautiful coconuts,

so pretty!

lots of fresh-smelling spices,


some truly gorgeous bread,

oh la la!

and if I hadn’t had my mouth set for ramen I’d have happily eaten right there!

Oh my, all that and it was only part of one day! New York is a great walking town. I get a kick out of the mini-chalkboards that so many establishments sport. This one seemed appropriately seasonal:

And this one, well, I think it about says it all. Until next time, enjoy the season, be safe if you go trick-or-treating, and be well!




  1. The last board sooo cute and apropos…

  2. New York is such a great place to visit. I’m glad the weather was good this year and that you had a nice stay.

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