Posted by: Rachel | November 27, 2017

good things come… (part 2)

Remember that grand experiment I tried about making vanilla extract? It worked!

vanilla-y goodness, my goodness!

It was nothing more than vodka and vanilla beans and time (lots of time). Now it is a beautiful shade of brown, smells wonderful, and I’m looking forward to using it in all sorts of goodies! And, I can take the beans out at some point, dry them, and add them to my big sugar jar to make vanilla sugar. Mmmm!!

I could stop there but I won’t.

Remember those nasturtiums I planted a few weeks ago? They all sprouted!

wait for it…

OK, I’m still a few weeks away from having flowers, but the plants look really happy, so I’m happy as well. And I can wait.

My lemon tree, which has been confused for a few years now, is in full bloom and covered with tiiiiny little lemons. I can wait for those as well.

itsy bitsy, teenie weenie…

My mint, however, wasn’t so lucky. I planted 3 different varieties and sadly none survived. However, the cat smells yummy…

really? yes…

That’s pretty much it for today. If I don’t get to posting again before 2018 (although I will try…) enjoy whatever you celebrate, be safe and well, and I promise you nasturtiums one of these days (grin).



  1. Good luck with the knee surgery.  I have one more to go and left hip is acting up.  I’m in perfect health except my hinges  are falling off.  Take care prayers going up for you. Merry Christmas.

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