Posted by: Rachel | January 24, 2018

fun with endive

Endive is, in my opinion, vastly underappreciated. This is due, I think, in part at least to it being a shy green. You may have to ask your grocer where they are hiding it. That’s because, if stored correctly, it is well-kept from daylight. If it could, I think it would sport spf60+ sunblock.

OK, this sounds silly, but its true. Endive is grown in the dark, potting mixture heaped on it as it aims for the light of day.

When you do buy it, and I hope you will, look for the whitest firm-fleshed heavy in the hand heads you can find. They may look a bit anemic but trust me, the greener they are the more bitter they will be.

pale and lovely

Endive should have just a hint of bitter along with the almost sweet crisp crunch of late spring. To me it is not a winter green. I think it is best served as the main attraction of a salad, along with various co-stars of your choosing. Here are two versions that I like.

You can see a recipe for this version here. Endive and blue cheese and walnuts, oh my!!

so happy together…

Or, if you are lucky enough to live in a town that has a Burmese market you can make a fine tea salad. This is usually made with romaine but I figured I could change it up a bit and it was delicious! I bought the fermented tea leaf dressing and the crunchy bits (fried garlic, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds… etc etc) and had at it. Tasted like summer to me!

happy crunchy salad!

Caveat: There are at least two versions of the dressing available commercially. One involves hot chili oil. Read the label *carefully*… cough cough…

You can also cut the endive leaves near the base and turn them into little “boats” to hold, oh, goat cheese and dried cranberries or most anything you like for an appetizer. See? Fun!

Enjoy the feast of spring greens that will be hitting the markets soon, and keep an eye out for endive!



  1. I always love something new. I do not know endive. We shall meet. Thanks.

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