Posted by: Rachel | October 2, 2018

walk with me (west coast edition 2)

Spent a few days in California with my friends again. Ahhhhhh… being out of the Texas heat was gift enough!

It was a birthday week for one of my friends and we celebrated every day. Lots of amazing food, and lots of fun. And, something completely new to me – we had dinner one night at a place called Hang 10 Boiler.

Now I have another reason to go to Hawaii. If this is really what they eat there, wow! You pick your seafood, determine how many pounds you want, decide which “sauce” (I don’t know quite how else to describe it), vegetables, and they bring big bowls of yummy amazingness to your table.

Its a you-shuck’em sort of deal, we peeled our shrimp and slurped down the largest (and possible tenderest!) mussels I’ve ever seen. It was heavenly.

nom nom!

Please forgive me; by the time I came up for air this is all that was left! And all I can tell you is that it seemed to involve lots (and lots) of butter, garlic, maybe something like curry… wow! Oh, and lots of paper towels, too. Messy good!

All in all, it was a rather sloppy, highly seasoned, delicious meal, made better, of course by the company. Oh my!

Happily, the next day involved a bit of hiking. Its all about balance, right? It was beautiful and the weather was (happily for hikers, sadly for the fire danger) dry and crisp. The path was dusty but fairly easy for the most part with some fantastic views,

and it sure didn’t look like anything around here. Beautiful.

That’s about it for the moment. More travel news soon, but meantime stay well, stay safe, and stay in touch!



  1. Good friends, good food…it doesn’t get much better than that.

    • So true!

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