Posted by: Rachel | September 6, 2019

harness the sun (2019 edition)

Just when you thought I’d run out of things to dehydrate on my dashboard, here I am again. This year, summer just doesn’t want to let go and I’m feeling a tad grumpy, so (me being me, after all) I want sweets.

Somehow, sweet potatoes seemed logical, but baking them or doing the usual sorts or things (pie, or with chicken, or whatever) was all too labor intensive and *hot*, so I decided to let the sun work for me.

If you have a mandolin (kitchen, not musical) this is easy enough. Slice them thin, lay them out, and let them crisp up.

It took two full days to get them really *really* dry, and you don’t want to risk mold. They’re delicious without salt or any spices at all!

Easy peasy:

from this

to this

They will curl up a bit, but that’s to be expected. Crunchy and delicious, enjoy!


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