Posted by: Rachel | October 2, 2019

a delicious evening

I know, I know, I promised last time to tell you about my travels. I will, I promise, but first I want to tell you about something closer to home.

I’m sure we’ve all done it. You drive by a place often, sometimes for years, and you think sometime I will stop and check it out. I’m certainly guilty!

Long story short, I finally visited Thicket Food Park. They invited a number of memebers of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance to visit and enjoy samplings (oh, very generous samplings indeed) from the various food trucks. What a lovely evening it was!

I’ve been driving by this place once or twice a week for a few years (4, they tell me) but never stopped. I was always on my way to somewhere else, usually either shopping or maybe Texas Keeper Cidery. In any event, I knew exactly where it was and often thought, oh, I’ll stop there when it is warmer/cooler/drier… you get the idea. But, thanks to their generous offer to host us and my good luck at grabbing a spot, I ended up having a perfectly lovely evening.

It is a great little (actually, not so very little) food truck, hair salon (yes, really) and playground venue! And, although it has only been on site for a few years (ok, 4) it feels like the best of old south Austin!

We sat at picnic tables in a shady and somehow seemingly cool and quiet cedar grove and enjoyed (enormously!) the variety of foods and drinks. Options range from Hawaiian (about which I know nothing but what they served us was delicious!) to Italian, to Vegan, to Thai (a very cool concept – a food truck that sells meal kits (complete with appropriate curries and spices) you take home and prepare, rather than prepared food!).

There were sandwiches (burgers, meatloaf…), pastas, avocado toast, golden milk, hibiscus tea, mango lassi, a couple of curries, I can’t honestly remember everything. What I can remember, though, is that luckily for me Thicket is only a couple of miles from my house, there’s plenty of parking, it is kid friendly, and there’s pretty much something for everyone to enjoy! I’ll definitely be back! Many thanks to all the folks who shared their delicious offerings with us and I’ll see you again soon!

not far away but far out!


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