Posted by: Rachel | December 6, 2019

the long and short of it

I love persimmons. They are gorgeous hanging on a tree in the fall sun, and they are gorgeous on a plate. Sometimes, though, they’re hard to find.

I got lucky when I was visiting my sister a week ago and scored some there. Aren’t they pretty?


There are two kinds that are most common in groceries, Hachiya persimmons and Fuyu persimmons, the long and the short. In France they are both called “kaki”, which is from the Japanese “Diospyros kaki” In any event, no matter what you call them and no matter which sort, they are sweet, delicious, and good for you.

When I can find them, I let them ripen well, to almost mushy. Then I cut them in half and just eat the flesh with a spoon. I hear you can make pudding or preserves, or a host of other things with them, but, like, figs, they just never last long enough around here. See what I mean?

so pretty!

and so gooooood!

If you can find them, I hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you think, ok?


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