Posted by: Rachel | February 29, 2020

leaping into spring

Yes, well it is leap year and today is leap day, so I really had no choice. Groans aside, my yard is definitely thinking that spring is on the way, or perhaps already here! I hope we don’t have another freeze…

Care to walk with me? My peach tree is in full bloom. It blooms early every year, and despite trying not to worry over things I can’t control (like the weather), I always expect that one last freeze that will undo all the fruiting possibilities for the year. This year, though, we might just be lucky.

There are none so optimistic as those who plant fruit trees.

My fig is flashing a peach sign.

dona nobis pacem (et de ficis loci)

My Puglian fennel is having a good hair day, in my opinion! It comes back every year, and often makes offspring in the sort of path-like areas I try to mow. I then try to mow around the new baby fennel, but when my hand slips, oh does the yard smell delicious!

I need to get back outside. There’s plenty more going on out there, so stay tuned! Enjoy your spring, or whatever season you’re having where you are, and stay healthy!


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