About “and then make soup”

This blog is not just a collection of recipes; it is about life. Life is a soup pot, and we are each an amalgam of experiences: family, friends, the books we read, places we’ve been, and, of course, what we eat. Nothing should go to waste thoughtlessly; things that may not appear useful at first (chicken bones, squash seeds, “leftovers” from preparing food or from a meal) can often be “repurposed”. Whether they end up as soup, compost, or art (did you ever make an “art piece” with macaroni and dry lentils?), use everything to the fullest. Our grandparents knew this, but many of us, myself included, have forgotten.

I’m trying consciously to “bring it back”. I’m hoping this blog will become a forum for shared experiences for folks like me who are doing small steps in their daily lives to live more gently. And, of course, a place to talk about food!

Putting my soapbox away now. Let’s not take this all *too* seriously! Read, share, enjoy, smile (maybe even laugh) and visit often!


Austin Food Blogger Alliance member since May 2011.



  1. Hey, Rachel! I’m so glad to have found your blog! What a neat concept, and I love the tone of the entries so far. Keep up the good work, and I hope to get to meet you soon.

    All the best!

    • Thanks Addie! Visit often and bring your friends! 🙂


  2. Oh, this is a delightful place of story and recipe! Lucky am I to know the creatrix of this pleasure… and enjoy the pleasure of meals prepared by Rachel!
    thanks for the mention of our farm, Rachel.
    love ya bye,

  3. Rachel, It was great meeting you at LongHouse. What a very cool blog. I love your focus of upcycling ingredients.

    • Great meeting you too! What fun it was… and lots to think about now!

  4. Love the purpose behind your blog! Keep cookin!

  5. LIving life gently… and not taking yourself too seriously… I’m in on that wavelength….

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