recipes 2013

Well here we are again! I hope you will enjoy these recipes – let us know if you actually try any of them!! And, (although it goes without saying…) bon appetit!

01/09/2013 the gift that keeps on giving Quick! Before It Gets Hot Outside Again! Beans
01/26/2013 how corny! how cheesy! 1-Hour 2-Day Tortilla Strata
02/10/2013 hearths and flowers Certainly Somebody’s Sugar Cookies
02/24/2013 pinch, rub, sniff, repeat… Herb Festival Report (no recipe)
03/10/2012 thank you, Mr. Swinburne no recipe, Hope Market update
03/23/2013 a novel concept One For the Road Corn Dodgers
04/21/2013 (not) reinventing the wheel Flourless Choco-Almond Cookies
04/29/2013 working on it… no recipe, Austin Bakes for West
05/11 2013 not braggin’… (well, maybe a little) no recipe, AFBA Cookbook announcement
05/20/2013 and the winner is… Quick Chovy-Mato Bites
05/27/2013 (not exactly) true grit(s) Stella’s Dijon Cheesy Grits
06/05/2013 why is a raven like a writing desk? 2 No-cook Avocado Soup(s)
06/14/2013 stuffed! no recipes, AFBA updates
06/19/2013 it’s the berries It’s the Berries Chicken Burgers and It’s the Berries Very Berry (n)Ice
06//30/2013 a novel concept (2) Great-Grandma’s Vinegar Pie
07/06/2013 an omnium-gatherum no recipe, garden update
07/13/2012 what makes an original? A Slightly Revised and Revamped Version of…
07/28/2013 in my sister’s kitchen Chicken with Figs/Silver Palate
08/10/2013 harness that sun (prat 3) more “dash-dried” fruits
08/25/2013 hey dilly dilly… Fast n Easy Tzatziki
09/14-2013 eats for treats Brown Butter & Biscoff Rice Crispy Treats
09/29/2013 untitled no recipe, general ramblings
10/06/2013 come see! New York City
10/07/2013 rhymes with… more NYC
11/16/2013 how to learn Italian (part 1) Italy part 1
11/26/2013 how to learn Italian (part 2) The dough (roughly)
12/01/2013 how to learn Italian (part 3) more travel musings
12/08/2013 oh that old chestnut Chestnut Soup
12/23/2013 should life hand you lemons lemon musings

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