recipes 2012

Just getting started for the new year. I hope you will enjoy these recipes – let us know if you actually try any of them!! And, (although it goes without saying…) bon appetit!

01/07/2012 out with the old! Greek Wedding Soup
01/15/2012 oodles of noodles Oodles of Noodles Kugel
01/23/2012 mixin’ it up Texa-Tuscan White Bean Dip
01/29/2012 and then make, well, you know… Leftover Bean Dip Soup
02/05/2012 the big cheese Ham (or not) and Cheese Risotto
02/12/2012 simple pleasures Finest Kind Salmon “Salad”
02/20/2012 ebony and ivory Basic Hummus
02/26/2012 there’s cheesy and then there’s cheesy Mac Cheese and Tomato Bake
03/04/2012 like chocolate for water no recipe this week, garden update
03/11/2012 staff of life Sourdough Bread
03/21/2012 a latke as big as the ritz Quickie Latkes
04/01/2012 what’s cooking no recipe this week, garden update
04/08/2012 small is beautiful Good Neighbor Halvah
04/15/2012 the flowers that bloom in the spring… no recipe – local travel/tourism info
04/22/2012 rice is nice… Moo Ping (Grilled Pork on a Stick)
04/29/2012 it’s a start no recipe this week, garden update
05/06/2012 a pond for all seasons “how-to” on small ponds
05/12/2012 smoke ’em if you get ’em Smokin’ Black Rice and Asparagus
05/26/2012 ’bout that bowl of cherries Meet Me in St Louis, Louis Cheery Cherry Crisp
06/03/2012 but me no butts… Glazed Pulled Pork My/Thai Style
06/20/2012 what’s it to ya? (mostly) Anne Willan’s Rosemary and Lemon Sorbet
07/03/2012 happy birthday to… Nearly Every Bowl in the House Torta Caprese
07/09/2012 oh now I remember (yummy but not really figgy) Bacon Fig Bread
07/22/2012 it is if I say so…Zoom Zoom Dry Rub and Holy Olé Molé Chicken
08/03/2012 fasatest soup in the west Cold Creamy Tzatziki Soup
08/14/2012 harness that sun! (part 2) no recipe, dashboard dehydrator
08/19/2012 thanks for sharing! lobster roll dream
09/09/2012 when bloggers collide… Midnite Chef’s Caldo de Pescado (Fish Soup)
09/16/2012 easy as pi(kelets) Cecilia’s “Mama’s Pikelets”
09/29/2012 here chick chick… homage to fresh chickpeas
10/07/2012 a “teaser” and a “wazzat?” musings and a (still unanswered) question
10/14/2012 school colors farmers market fun
10/17/2012 extra! extra! AFBA swap goodies
10/21/2012 thrift store book score Roches
10/27/2012 nooks and crannies bagel dreams
10/28/2012 just in case NYC hurricane Sandy
10/31/2012 and then make… more NYC hurricane Sandy
11/18/2012 all over but the… “Back of the Bag” Cranberry Bread (twisted my way)
11/23/2012 sugar is sweet and so are… sugared cranberries
12/02/2012 oh what fun it is to ride! Urban Farms Bike Ride
12/09/2012 the children are nestled all snug… Limoncello
12/24/2012 I am not a cooking show Buche de Noel

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