recipes 2011

Here is a list of what we’re eating this year. I hope you’re enjoying these recipes – let us know if you actually try any of them!! And, (although it goes without saying…) bon appetit!

01/02/2011 no guarantees Contraband Goose Stock
01/09/2011 pray, love, remember New Potatoes (With or Without)
01/16/2011 the “b” word Kraut ‘n’ Meat (Sweet!)
01/22/2011 get stuffed Vegetarian/Vegan Cabbage Stuffing
01/30/2011 cry me a salad Two Bean and Corn Salad, Pan-Fried Basa
02/01/2011 a chili by any other name… Yankee Chili
02/06/2011 great minds Chicken and Fennel My Way
02/13/2011 don’t try this at home Half-English Rock Buns
02/20/2011 sourpuss! “Homemade” Herb Vinegar
02/27/2011 spice is the variety of life Spicy Ricey Pudding
03/06/2011 wakey wakey! Mighty Tasty Orange Sauce
03/13/2011 recycle, repurpose, reuse… Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad
03/20/2011 yes, we have no bananas Fried Plantain
03/28/2011 a little dab’ll do ya “For the Birds” Salsa
04/03/2011 but wait, there’s more Crispy Roast Duck Infused with Orange, And Then Make (Duck) Soup, “Peking” Duck Tortillas
04/10/2011 instant gratification Peanut Butter Cookies Don’t Need Flour, Burning Kumquat Delight Peanut Butter Cookies (take two)
04/17/2011 king of salmon Pan “Baked” Salmon
04/21/2011 love your mother, eat your yard earthday special
04/30/2011 easy as (burrito) pie Original Burrito Bake, Burrito “Pie” take two
05/15/2011 nightshades, anyone? Extra-Rich Cheesy Baked Eggplant
05/22/2011 i still haven’t found what I’m looking for blog search queries
05/29/2011 i say tortilla and you say frittata Spanish Tortilla
06/05/2011 wherefore art thou, romesco? Romesco My Way
06/12/2011 old king cole (slaw) Burmese Coleslaw
06/19/2011 smooooth and delicious Mango Mango Blueberry Smoothie
06/27/2011 greens ‘n’ beans… Greens & Beans
07/05/2011 texas two-step… Texas Two-Step Asparagus
07/11/2011 friends with benefits… Two Bowl One Loaf Fig Bread
07/17/2011 easy peasy… Easy Peasy Pasta ‘n’ Peas
07/25/2011 consider the kohlrabi… thoughts on kohlrabi
07/31/2011 paradise enow… Paradisiacal Shrimp
08/07/2011 what’s in a name? Shrimp Mofongo!
08/14/2011 seeds and stems… Epes Duqqah
08/21/2011 harness that sun! Dashboard Dehydrator
08/28/2011 green, green, it’s green they say… Quick Cold Asparagus Soup
09/04/2011 tap tap… who’s there? 2-Minute Tapenade
09/11/2011 leather and lace One (or Two) Day Fruit Leather
09/18/2011 humming along… “Happy Hummer” Juice
09/26/2011 didja miss me? a few trip pictures
10/02/2011 starters… Poached Pear, Walnut, and Blue Cheese “Salad”
10/09/2011 home again home again… more trip pictures
10/16/2011 unlovely to look at… Flourless Chocoroons
10/23/2011 take a leek… (almost as good as) Gerdi’s Mustard Soup
10/30/2011 why oh why?? Dutch Baby
11/05/2011 sign(s) of the times trip pictures (NYC)
11/13/2011 mmmmm, thanks!! Moderately Traditional Cranberry Nut Bread
11/24/2011 two down… One Crust Pie Crust, Ricotta Tart
12/03/2011 smooooth and delicious Oh So Simple Apple Galette
12/11/2011 deer oh dear! Beery Deery Stew
12/18/2011 smooooth and delicious Jeff Smith‘s Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

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