recipes 2010

Now that I have over one calendar year of entries here at AndThenMakeSoup I though it might be handy (and possibly interesting) to provide a listing of recipes by date. I hope you will find it helpful. If nothing else, I hope it will keep me from repeating myself!

02/01/10 Welcome 2-day Avgolemono Soup
02/04/10 let them eat cake… Gluten- and Egg-free Chocolate Cake
02/07/10 duck duck goose…
02/10/10 duck soup
02/14/10 an apple a day Apple Squash Soup
02/18/10 life imitates television
02/21/10 oranges and lemons and limes, oh my! 3-bowl Orange Banana Bread
02/26/10 soup of the eeeevening… chicken stock
03/01/10 a goulash by any other name… Kettle Gulyás (goulash)
03/05/10 all choked up fruit salad/vinaigrette
03/08/10 cleave unto me cleavers “tea”
03/12/10 dessert soup Dessert Soup
03/15/10 and liddle lamzy divey… Harissa
03/22/10 a mixed bag Cauliflower Carrot Squash & Ginger Soup
03/28/10 good enough to eat Vichyssoise
04/02/10 extremely well bread Whole Wheat Honey Flax Bread
04/09/10 drink your greens… Cream of Zucchini and Anise Soup
04/18/10 a pesto by any other name… Scallops with Pesto for 2
04/24/10 all around the mulberry bush… (2nd ed.) Mulberry Clafouti
04/30/10 with a grain of salt… Easy Granola
05/06/10 taking stock Catalan Chicken Soup
05/14/10 Banana-rama Banana Bread / butterfly bananas
05/21/10 potage de tortilla Quick and Easy Tortilla Soup
05/28/10 garbo speaks Belgian Endive Salad
06/05/10 small harvests No-Cook Porra Antequera
06/11/10 and then feel better Vegetable Splodge
06/19/10 world cup fever Pain d’épice (Gingerbread for the French Palate)
06/25/10 if you don’t like my peaches…. Peach “Sauce”
07/03/10 along for the ride No-Bake Bike Bars
07/09/10 oh, please do give a fig… Broiled Figs
07/16/10 sum sum summertime… Spanish Bean Soup (Potaje de Garbanzos)
07/25/10 three little words Caprese salad
07/30/10 pretty cheesey…
08/06/10 drink your greens (2) Fast’n’Easy Spinach Watercress Soup
08/13/10 i scream, you scream… Nutella-Lemon Ice Cream
08/21/10 who knew? “Greek” Peas
08/27/10 cold comfort Cold Comfort Pasta Salad
09/04/10 greek week Lamb “Stuffing”
09/11/10 orange blossom special Nammura (Namoura)
09/18/10 book it Sesame Crackers
09/25/10 back to basics Tomato Chicken Soup
10/01/10 far and away Far Breton
10/09/10 salad days Basic Salad Dressing
10/16/10 let’s drink… Xtreme Baked Chicken
10/22/10 first impressions Shrooms ‘n Eggs
11/01/10 bowled over Saffron Pasta
11/06/10 steal this recipe Apple Cheese Bread (with thanks to Retro Food)
11/13/10 a mixed bag (2) 5 Minute Chocolate Cake for Two
11/19/10 a tale of two chutneys Aunt Jane’s Chutney / Cranberry Chutney
11/28/10 don’t start without me! 2 Loaf Sourdough
12/05/10 the long and short of it Seven-Spiced Pecans
12/11/10 for my next trick… Very Easy Popovers
12/20/10 not completely for the birds… Cen-Tex No-Mess Suet / Flourless Florentines
12/26/10 mulling it over Simple Mulled Cider

As always, stay safe, be well, bon appetit and enjoy!

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