recipes 2014

Another New Year… wow, tempus certainly does fugit! I hope you will enjoy these recipes – let us know if you actually try any of them!! And, (although it goes without saying…) bon appetit!

01/15/2014 let me be the last Cannellini Bean Salad with Pomegranate Seeds
01/26/2014 the cauliflower variation Cauliflower Bake
03/09/2014 parsley, sage, cilantro, and thyme…
04/07/2014 so, what have *you* been up to?
06/22/2014 back to basics Crème de concombre à la feta/Cream of Cucumber with Feta
08/04/2014 bowled over
08/30/2014 end of days pasta salad Sara’s Slightly-Thai Sesame Noodles
09/15/2014 eggsactly
09/27/2014 how ’bout them apples? Easy as (not) Pie Apple Cobbler
10/15/2014 guess that country!
10/31/2014 trick and treats Easy Egg Pasta
11/19/2014 to market, to market
11/21/2014 oops!
12/19/2014 thats pretty spicy, Tom said gingerly
12/23/2014simply splendid


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