recipes 2015

Another New Year… wow, tempus certainly does fugit! I hope you will enjoy these recipes – let us know if you actually try any of them!! And, (although it goes without saying…) bon appetit!

01/04/2015 a soupy two-fer
02/07/2015 crepes all week
02/21/2015 winter
03/04/2015 well, that was fun!
03/22/2015 just add water
04/08/2015 halve your cake and eat it too
04/26/2015 how does your garden grow?
05/22/2015 peachy!
06/24/2015 a verdant season
07/19/2015 the tree is still there
08/16/2015 cobbled together
09/13/2015 stupid-easy chia “pudding”
10/11/2015 walk with me
11/29/2015 walk with me (again)
12/16/2015 ’tis the season(ings)

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