Posted by: Rachel | June 13, 2020

better the devil you know, bis

Oh, that Devils River Whiskey… they’ve come up with something new and once again invited some of us Austin food bloggers to test drink it.

As before, they were *very* generous and sent me a few samples of the bourbons we’d already tried, as well as several samples of the new one they wanted us to try. Thanks!!

the devil you say!

Now I had a plan, really I did. It involved baking brownies with their bourbon. And I thought it made even more sense since this new flavor is not just bourbon, but *coffee bourbon*. And, since I love mocha, you see my thought? But, we all know about those well-laid plans, don’t we?

A friend had mentioned to me that she’d seen an article in the New York Times (All the News That’s Fit to Print, indeed!) about making ice cream in a mason jar. She sent me the link and, well, I guess you can guess where this is going.

Oh dear. Could it be easier? I think not, unless you have a close friend in a paint mixing department who lets you use one of their paint shaking machines. I don’t, so I got a pretty good work-out!

I followed the Times recipe exactly, except that I substituted the vanilla extract with coffee bourbon. Oh my… the only hard part is waiting for it to freeze!

Here’s all you do:

Shake it Up Baby Ice(d) Cream
1 C heavy cream
1-1/2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 Tbsp vanilla extract coffee bourbon
pinch of salt

Put it all in a pint Mason jar or other pint container with a tight fitting lid (I didn’t have a glass jar, so I used a plastic container – worked fine), cover tightly, and shake until the liquid is doubled in volume and thick (but stop before you make butter!). This part took about 10 minutes. Freeze for three hours or more. Enjoy!
You could certainly add all sorts of things to this recipe – nuts, fruit, other flavorings, but I think I’ll just make this one again. It is *very* rich (duh, I know), but a bite or two (or three) is all you need at a sitting. And, if you did all that shaking, surely you burned a calorie or two, right?

Full disclosure: I must tell you that I made the brownies as well, but I’ll save that recipe for another day. Its hot here; I think I’ll go have a bite or two of ice cream and then perhaps a nap!

Stay safe, my friends…



  1. This sounds SO delicious! I’d be tempted to use a whole Tbsp of coffee bourbon. Would that ruin the beautiful balance?

    • Too much liquid and it won’t set, too much alcohol and it won’t freeze, but 1 Tbsp might be fine. I may have to try it to be sure – as soon as my arms recover! 😉

  2. Yum! Your brownies inspired me! And they’d all be perfect with some of that ice cream on top!

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