Posted by: Rachel | August 19, 2012

thanks for sharing…

I have been thinking this week about blogging in the larger sense, and the wonderful photos that other folks post. Most of the food/travel blogs I read make me hungry. The upside is that, usually, they tell me how to make whatever wonderful thing they’ve just eaten, so it isn’t really mean.

I try to share the “how-to” of my week’s culinary exploits with you as well. I hear, occasionally, that people have actually tried (with good results, happily!) to make things I have written about. This always astonishes me, and reminds me that I must pay attention to my tsps and Tbsps… you do of course, make other people’s recipes at your own risk!

My friends know my interest in food and travel (and food while traveling, of course), so they often send me photos of where they are and what they are eating. One friend (you know who you are) went to Montreal a few years ago and sent me an “wish-you’d-been-here” email outlining a wonderful thing she’d just eaten… along with a photo of her nearly-licked-clean plate littered with about 3 crumbs. Thanks for sharing!

My sister, who is usually a kind person, sent me this from Maine this week.

lobster roll

thanks for sharing…

If you’ve never eaten a lobster roll, this won’t matter much to you, but if you have, well, I guess this is a trigger for me like that guy’s madeleines…

I ate one of these when I was about 12, maybe 13 and I remember it well. Its the kind of food that really is best eaten outside, at a weathered and slightly splintery picnic table, looking out over the silvery north Atlantic, enjoying a slight onshore breeze, while waiting for a ferry to take you to Canada… Oh mmmm….

Note the “hotdog” bun. This sort of bun is brushed with butter then grilled on the outside (both sides), so the outside gets just a tiny bit crunchy but the inside stays soft, absorbent (juices and butter), and properly bun-like.

The lobster must be fresh off the boat, quickly steamed, the meat picked, then tossed with just a bit of butter and dumped in the roll. It must have just the right proportions of tail to claw meat, and it must be in nice chunks. Lemon is optional, usually for tourists. Mmmm… sigh…

I will continue to post photos, don’t get me wrong, and sometimes I won’t be able to tell you how some wonderful thing was made, but I’ll try not to do that too often. Meantime, keep the photos coming – I can dreeeammmmmm….



  1. It looks wonderful! I’ve never had a lobster roll, but my daughter was recently on Cape Cod and told me how delicious they were!

    • She didn’t *bring* you one? Awww… πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, I have never had a lobster roll but your description makes it sound so good and blogging is a curious thing isn’t it !! Thats why we love it.. c

    • Very curious… and great to “meet” folks from all over. I do love it!

  3. My special memory of lobster is … getting tired of it. You CAN overdo a good thing. Bahamas, 1984-85. Lobster is pretty rich. Really can’t eat it all the time. Honest.

    • Hmmm… I’d like to try! πŸ˜‰

  4. I have never eaten lobster roll but have heard tell of them. Your mouth watering description has done lobster rolls a great service.

  5. You have described a lobster roll perfectly. Wish I could send one your way.

    • Wish you could too! Guess I’ll have to make do with Gulf shrimp… sigh… πŸ˜‰

      • Not a bad compromise.

  6. Yummm I love lobster. I am looking forward to making your salsa for the AFBA potluck this weekend. It looks so delicious.

    • Thanks and woohoo! I look forward to meeting you!

  7. The bun is important. Note that it doesn’t have crust all around the outside. I’ve never seen these outside New England. They are much airier than the crust-all-around buns. Oh, and lobster … yum!

    • I certainly have never seen “split-top” buns here in Texas, although there are online businesses that will ship them. But then they do have what they *call* bagels* here (sniff, I think not)… that’s another story! Some things just don’t translate, IMO!

  8. […] “hot dog rolls” front and center? These are the kind that are absolutely imperative for lobster rolls! Mmmmm… he even provided the mayo. Says Ken, “Cain’s Mayonnaise – This mayonnaise […]

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