Posted by: Rachel | February 17, 2020

lazy cooking

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or if you live here (central Texas) you know that February (and hopefully March) is our fleeting spring and therefor is yard clean-up season. I try to jump on it before it gets too hot out, weed while the earth is soft and plant now now now!

That said, a girl’s gotta eat, and right now the weather is cool enough that having the stove or oven on is actually pleasant. But, time is another matter and if you know me, you know I don’t have time for fussy recipes no matter what time of year. That is what brings me here today. Yes, I’m a lazy cook.

I have never tried any of those meals-shipped-to-your-door deals. I enjoy doing my own shopping, picking my own produce, and often deciding what dinner will be while I’m in the store. It may not be considered best practice, but I’m just not a “plan meals for the week” person. I like my local grocery, and I love their olive bar.

A few days ago I took a break from spreading cedar mulch and pulling up cleavers and went to the store. The chicken dish I made was so good and I was so distracted by my yard that I forgot to take pictures for you! But I’ll give you the short version of my “recipe” and let it go at that. Then I’m heading back outside!

I bought chicken thighs, bone in and skin on. I also bought, from the olive bar, a mixture of pitted olives, some roasted garlic cloves, and a handful of chickpeas in olive oil with herbs. I had on hand rice and French green lentils (the only kind I buy, I confess – they don’t get mushy and gray like most lentils seem to) and, of course, olive oil.

I got out my big heavy Dutch oven, put in some olive oil and browned the chicken on both sides. Removed the chicken to a plate and put 1 cup each of rice and lentils in the pot. Stirred for a minute and tossed in my olive bar goodies. Stirred again, added 2-1/2 cups of water, placed the chicken back on top. Simmered, covered for about 45 minutes then a few minutes with the top off as it was a bit wet still. Took it off the heat, had some and was well pleased. It reheated just fine too, over the next few days.

Easy enough? If you have access to an olive bar or an olive vendor at your local market, it certainly is!

Sorry about the photo dearth. I’ll try to do better next time, but for now the yard is calling me! Enjoy your season and let me know if you try this, ok? Happy gardening!


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