Posted by: Rachel | March 22, 2020

walk with me (Austin edition 1)

Stuck inside? Bored? (You must be if you’re reading this ;-)) Well, it is spring here and I thought you might like to share a bit of my morning walk. Here we go!

It has been raining. My neighbors have a red yucca in their yard and this morning it was, if not covered exactly, at least being visited by lots of big snails. I’ve never seen this before. Maybe they were trying to get out of the wet grass? No idea.

escargot, anyone?

Did I mention that it is spring? Oh, the flowers… everywhere! Some were pretty beat up from the rain, but lantana is tough.


Then there are bluebonnets.

wish this was my yard…

And wisteria. I wish you could smell it!

this just smells purple…

And, a very happy ladybug breakfasting on aphids on the artemisia that grows sort of wild around here.

I saw my first hummingbird of the season yesterday. If I can I’ll snag a photo for the next installment. That’s about it for now.
Stay well and stay in touch!!



  1. Nice. I enjoyed the walk.

    • 👍😊

  2. I’m enjoying the spring blossoms here in ABQ, too. Getting out for a walk is the highlight of the day. #StayHome

    • Glad we’re allowed out and *very* glad it hasn’t gotten hot yet. Stay safe!

  3. Thanks for the walk, Rachel! My daughter and I have snails every year around the doors of our apartments (in the same fourplex). Haven’t seen any that big yet this year, but there are baby ones. And thanks for the note about the hummingbird! I’ll get my feeder out there. ❤

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